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Statistics reveal a growing trend; men are dropping their newspapers, magazines, and televisions, and spending more time on the internet. vidmo stands as an authority for information related to men’s products. We aim to keep readers up-to-date with the latest in culture, entertainment, gear, living, rides, style, you name it. Therefore readers are active, informed consumers, whose friends and relatives come to them for advice on a broad range of products. This effectively multiplies their market power and enhances the prestige of the brands they favor.

We don’t bother our visitors with annoying popup subscription boxes. When someone subscribes to vidmo, it’s usually because they’re a loyal reader who wants to keep up-to-date with everything we publish on a daily basis.

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Don’t be fooled by publishers who purchase fake fans (bot accounts) for their website. Fans of vidmo are real people who constantly “like” and share our articles with their friends.

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Our followers frequently “retweet” the links we post to our feed, which are in turn retweeted again by their followers, giving the links a viral effect.

Monthly Unique Visitors:

Visitors come from a variety of sources including search engines, social media and referral sites. We don’t purchase cheap traffic from questionable sources, therefore you can rest assured that your brand is being viewed by people who care about what you have to offer.

Monthly Pageviews:

Readers interact when they come to our site. In fact, some of them view dozens of pages and spend hours browsing through the content, all in one visit.



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Sponsored Product

For smaller companies and individuals, we offer a sponsored product spot for a flat weekly fee that’s currently set at $250. Your product will appear fixed in the fifth slot on the homepage, in-line with our editorial content, and will remain there for a month. If you’re interested in securing this ad unit please contact us directly.

Standard IAB Ad Units

Larger brands and agencies looking to advertise on vidmo should contact us. We offer the following standard IAB ad units:

  • 728 x 90
  • 300 x 600
  • 160 x 600

Custom Campaigns

If there’s a specific ad unit or campaign that’s not listed here, feel free to run your ideas by our ad representatives. Most of the time, we can cater to your needs. Such ads might include:

  • Stunts
  • Video Cubes
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Site Takeovers